BeOne Development

Author: Ewon L. Cooman

Website: BeOne Development

Date:  May 2014

Tags:  E-Learning, Graphics Design


For BeOne Development I've created and set-up the multimedia department, the planning, a new structure and communication between the technical department and the consultants of this amazing company that is specialized in information security via e-learning. This company was positioned number 1 in the 4th quadrant that same year by Gartner(and 4 times in a row so far), including one of their most successful training programs (Introduction Program) and a new One Minute Security Flash(OMSF) for 'Phishing'.

I've redesigned their main style guide, designed the One Minute Flash with the Phishing content and redesigned both their top selling programs including the introduction program and rigging training (including the overall platform training programs for Infosecure, SHE&Q, Legal&Compliance, Functional Training).

Design colleague: Chris de Groot

Technical colleague: Harold Vreeswijk & Chris de Groot

Consultants: coming soon


Software: Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Mental Ray, After Effects, RED Giant Trapcode