One Minute Security Flash

Author: Ewon L. Cooman

Website: BeOne Development

Date:  May 2014

Tags:  E-Learning, Graphics Design, Editing


For BeOne Development I've designed, created, filmed and animated the One Minute Flash, a short type of news bulletin containing an overview of at least 3 key principles selected by a company regarding their field of expertise ( i.e. information security, safety in offshore, fraud, etc.).

The first One Minute Security Flash was Phishing, a high priority topic for major companies at the time, that partially got the company their leading position in the Gartner 4th quadrant.

I've made it a fully customizable template for BeOne which made them able to adapt any style-guide from any company.

Those were 20 topics, all adjustable text and video content .


Design: ELC

Animations: ELC

Filming: ELC, Bas van den Hoven, Lennart Verton


Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects

Hardware: Panasonic AG-AF101A