Author: Ewon L. Cooman

Website: The Phone

Date:  season 1 & 2 (2007/2008)

Tags:  Broadcast, Motion Graphics, VFX


I had the honour designing and working on this new TV show from the Netherlands. It was awarded the Golden Rose in 2008 and awarded in 2007 with an International Emmy for 'Best Non-Scripted Entertainment'.

One of the first other countries was America, for MTV and yes, from executive producer Justin Timberlake ^_^


UI Concept Design: Tim Hoogeveen & Contijn Wijnveldt

Leader animation: Contijn Wijnveldt

Advice and special thanks: Contijn Wijnveldt

MoTrack, animation for UI's and maps: ELC


Software: 3DS Max, Mental Ray, After Effects, Usefull Things