Trijntje Oosterhuis - Ken Je Mij (Do You Know Me)

Author: Ewon L. Cooman

Website: Tijntje/Traincha

Date:  June  2008

Tags:  Broadcast, Motion Graphics, DVD Menu Design


I had the honour and privilege to create, animate and design the DVD introduction and menu for one (if not THE) greatest R&B female singer of the Netherlands.

This quote from a online store:

' Do you know me ' is a live recording of the concert which was recently featured in the Red Hat. This very intimate recording contains well-known songs by Burt Bacharach, several Dutch songs and never previously recorded repertoire by Trijntje. It is a wonderful document of Holland's best singer, only accompanied by guitar virtuoso Leonardo Amuedo.

I've build this 'former' church from just some photo's and a lighting schematic.

Software: 3DS Max, VRay, After Effects, RED Giant Trapcode