One Minute Safety Flash

Author: Ewon L. Cooman

Website: BeOne Development

Date:  May 2014

Tags:  E-Learning, Motion Graphics, Editing


For BeOne SHE&Q I've designed, created and animated the One Minute Safety Flash, a short type of news bulletin containing an overview of 3 key principles selected by a company regarding safety in heavy lifting, communications, etc.).

The first One Minute Safety Flash was Work preparation, one of the high priority topics for major companies in heavy lifting.

I've made it a fully customizable template for BeOne which made them able to adapt any style-guide from any company.

Those were 20 pre-made topics, all adjustable text and video content as fully customizable for any client specific wishes.


Design: ELC

Animations: ELC

Filming: Bas van den Hoven, Lennart Verton


Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects