Author: Ewon L. Cooman

Website: Zigiz.com

Date:  June  2008

Tags:  Game Design, Graphics Design


The first multi level game for the Zigiz Plus platform.

Together with my colleagues Csaba Felvegi, we've created and designed the levels of this amazing game!


Character design was done by Emiel.

(Visitors, Wilco and Avatars)

Character rigging, animation: ELC

(Visitors, Wilco and Avatars)

Level design: ELC(levels 1-4 displayed) & Csaba Felvegi(levels 5-6)

Flower animations: ELC(levels 1-4) & Csaba Felvegi(levels 5-6)

Pixie & butterfly animations: Csaba Felvegi


Real fun to work on!


Software: Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects, Flash